:// 1 - 1 : Computers can't loose
- 01xy

1 - 1 is an audiovisual installation based on an old PONG Game configured to play eternaly against itself in a silly way (see video).

Why playing video games ?
Time consumption
Mind control

Computers can't loose ?
Technological Singularity = 2030
Several "scenarios"

Which strategies against computers ?
Energy cut
Network cut
Computing for nothing (stupid games)

:// ? :
~> shown nowhere yet
~> Installation made of an old Tv set, an old PONG game, one or two human able to put the game in this config
~> It just needs an electric supply

+> video made @ lostwoods, thks to avidemux, rackarrack, Pd, Audacity, jack, Kevin + Ln + Julie