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Gnirut Test is an audiovisual performance that deals with our techno machinic evolution, driven by more and more powerfull digital tools and networks. 

It starts from the life of Alan Turing, considered to be the father of modern computer science, of the concept of the algorithm and computation with the Turing machine, breaker of the Enigma machine during 2nd war and inventor of the "Turing Test". What would be today's computer if Alan Turing hadn't commited a sucide eating an apple full of cyanure ?

Some scientists predict we will reach the technological singularity before 2030, more or less at the same time as the possibility to connect human brain to a digital network. What will the intelligence of thoose future computers will be fed with ? Maybe by what we already upload and share on internet : source codes, cultural experiences threw multimedia portals, knowledges, ...

In parallel, we can consider what drives our behavior today, in which way we become biological machines connected to network, and which political and occult forces feed the way we perceive our environnement, in a predetermined or deterministic way ?

The performance is composed of several parts realised in real time (with Pure Data and other open source softwares) that go threw raw code used as audiovisual material, perception of our environnement threw different sensors (EM VLF to Ghz, infrared light, ultrasound, bio activity), web bots and audiovisual documents linked to the "c~]^]~e" theory

:// Video :
~> Perf @ Piksel08 festival  http://giss.tv/dmmdb/contents/Gnirut_Test-dl.ogg (video thanks to Giss.tv Team)

~> other Piksel08 videos http://giss.tv/dmmdb/piksel08

:// Perf :
- Piksel08
(Norway) > december 08
- Vision-R festival (France) > 12 avril 09
:// ...